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4322-R.3, Programs for Gifted Students – Regulations

Reviewing the Label of Gifted Students

Should a faculty member observe that a student designated as gifted is consistently failing to meet expectations as noted in the child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) in a specified are of the label, the student’s advocate will be notified of the gap between performance and expectations. The advocate, teacher(s), parents/guardians and student will confer to discuss the problem. The focus should be on the specified are in which the child is gifted and not functioning well. From this meeting, plans to meet the deficits through appropriate adjustments and services should be made, given reasonable time to take effect and evaluated carefully before steps are taken to consider removal of the label.

Faculty members who continue to question the appropriateness of the label in a specific area for an individual student will submit a written statement to the Chairperson of the appropriate Pupil Service Team detailing their observations as to how this particular child does not appear to be functioning as gifted, as the performance refers and related to the child’s IEP.

The Chairperson of the Pupil Services Team (P.S.T.) upon receipt of the formal, written statement previously described, will schedule a review of the status of the student by the P.S.T. with notification and invitation to participate sent to the student’s parents and advocate. In the event that the P.S.T. finds substantiation of teachers’ statements, a written summary of the observations and recommendations will be reviewed with the child’s parents and advocate and a transition period not to exceed one year invoked.

Following the transition period determined by the P.S.T., the team will conduct a final review to determine whether to re-institute programs and services or remove the child’s name from the roster in the area(s) under consideration.

This procedure refers to specific designated area(s). If one or more of the designated areas is not affected, the student will receive all services for the gifted appropriate to the remaining label(s) unless all designated area are in question.

Removal of Label of Gifted Students

There are two avenues to this removal of a child’s name from the roster of gifted students.

  1. The review of label in 4322-R.3 may result in the removal of a student’s name from the roster.
  2. The parent/guardian may request to the District Committee for Gifted Children, which will consider removing the child from the IEP program. The Advocate will be contacted to review the situation. The Advocate will confer with the student and the parent/guardian and others as appropriate. If, however, the parental decision is to remove the child from the roster a written statement to that effect should be sent to the Advocate. The Advocate will place the item on the P.S.T. agenda for formal action. All records, including those at the district level, will be changed accordingly.

In the event of significant differences of opinion, written observations of both the parents/guardians and the school Pupil Services Team will be submitted render its opinion. (Administrative Regulations, 4322-R-1, Item IV)

Should there be continued disagreement, the parents/guardians have the option of placing a statement in the student’s record. (Board Policy 4322, Item V)

Note: Prior policy, Receiving the Label of Gifted Students 6151.2

February 24, 1986
August 25, 1997