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4322-R.1, Programs for Gifted Students – Regulations

Gifted Children

I. Identification of Students

A. General Guidelines for Identification

  1. It is recognized that the identification and subsequent classification of a student is an act which has a significant impact on the educational and social development of that student.
  2. Screening
    a. Definition: Screening is designed as a preliminary method of distinguishing from the general population those students who may possibly be gifted. Screening may suggest students in need of further evaluation and should not be viewed as an in- depth method of assessing development.
    b. All students entering kindergarten must be screened by December 1st of that year. In addition, all other new entrants must be screened within three weeks of their entrance into the system as outlined in the New York State Screening Plan.
    c. The students whose screening results identify them as potential candidates for the label and programs for gifted students should be reported to the Director of Library/Audio-Visual/Gifted Services for appropriate follow-up.
  3. Multiple methods shall be used in the identification process, including teacher and parent/guardian observations and appropriate individual and group standardized tests.
  4. Students who enter the school district having been previously identified in another district using procedures and standards which in the judgment of the Pupil Services Team are comparable shall be accepted into all appropriate programs as gifted students
  5. The formal classification of a student as defined in Section 1(B) of these Administrative Regulations shall be the result of deliberate and formal action by the Pupil Services Team acting as a sub-committee for the District Committee for Gifted Children. Prior to such action parents will be made aware of all pertinent information regarding their child and shall have an opportunity to submit additional information which in their view should be considered by the Pupil Services Team and to participate in the Pupil Services Team meeting at which a decision is made
  6. The classification applied to a student shall be reviewed biennially by the Pupil Services Team to determine its relevancy in compliance with Board of Education Policy 5500: Student Records. In preparation for such review the. ~Advocate will gather information from parents/guardian& and all appropriate school staff and offer a recommendation regarding each student.

B. Classification

  1. Definition: The term gifted students means those students who show evidence of high performance capability and exceptional potential in areas such as general intellectual ability, special academic aptitude and visual and performing arts. Such definition shall include those students who require educational programs or services beyond those normally provided by the regular school program in order to realize their full potential. (NYS Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, Amendments, Section 1422)
  2. To be classified as gifted, a child shall be determined to have either demonstrated or potential ability in one or more of the following areas:
    a. general intelligence
    b. specific academic aptitude
    c. creative or productive thinking
    d. leadership
    e. the visual or performing arts

C. It shall be the responsibility of the District Committee for Gifted Children to ensure that consistent criteria are formulated and applied to all children considered in the screening process.

D. Advocates

Each student classified as gifted shall be assigned by the Pupil Services Team to the elementary counselor who shall serve as the student’s advocate. It shall be the responsibility of the student’s advocate to insure that the student’s educational interests are protected.

II. District Plan

The District Committee for Gifted Children shall have the responsibility for formulating and recommending a district plan providing for the education of gifted students and shall submit said plan to the Director of Library/AudioVisual/Gifted Services and shall submit a plan for final review to the Administrative Council and to the Board of Education for their review and approval at least every three years.

The plan shall include descriptions of the educational programs and services being provided gifted children and shall include recommendations for programs and services not currently being provided.

III. District Committee for Gifted Children

A. Responsibilities

  1. To meet a minimum of four times each year.
  2. To review and evaluate at least biennially the status of each student within the district who is designated as gifted.
  3. To insure that both short and long term educational plans are formulated for each designated student.
  4. To serve as a point of access for parents, teachers and other concerned individuals.
  5. To coordinate efforts to collect and disseminate information concerning gifted students.
  6. To formulate a district plan providing for the education of sifted students for recommendation to the Director of Library/Audio Visual/ Gifted Services.
  7. To coordinate efforts to share information with parents/guardians about school programs for gifted students and other information of mutual interest.
  8. To carry out other related duties

B. Membership

  1. The Superintendent of Schools. or the Superintendent’s designate, will appoint the members of the committee who shall normally serve for a two-year term.
  2. The committee, while having no fixed number of members, shall seek representation from among the following:
    a. Chairpersons of building Pupil Services Team
    b. Representative parents of gifted children
    c. School psychologists
    d. Administrators
    e. Reading specialists
    f. Counselors
    g. Classroom teachers
    h. Special area teachers
  3. The chairperson of the District Committee shall be the Elementary Coordinator of Services for Gifted Children.

C. Pupil Services Team

  1. Responsibilities
    a. To function as a sub-committee of the District Committee for Gifted Children.
    b. To meet bi-weekly.
    c. To effect the identification of gifted children.
    d. To assign advocates for each gifted child.
    e. To review the placement and progress of specific children or groups of children and to effect any needed changes.
    f. To remove the label of “gifted” as described in Section 4322.3 of these Administrative Regulations.
    g. To provide comprehensive placement recommendations annually on all gifted children.
  2. Membership
    a. Classroom teacher
    b. Reading specialist
    c. School psychologist
    d. Speech therapist
    e. Learning resource teacher
    f. School nurse-teacher
    g. Counselor (secondary)
    h. Building or hall Principal
    i. Director of Pupil Services (ex officio)
    j. School physician (ex officio)
    k. Attendance teacher and/or attendance officer (ex officio)
    l. Director of Library/Audio-Visual/Gifted Services (ex officio)
  3. The chairperson of the Pupil Services Team shall be appointed by the Director of Pupil Services and shall normally serve for a two-year term. (See job description for Chairperson of Pupil Services Team.)

IV. Challenge to Classification and Programming for Gifted Children

Persons in parental relationship to a child or members of the professional staff who express concern about the classification of~ or programming for a gifted child should be made aware of their right to challenge such classification or programming. Any challenge is to be made in writing to the chairperson of the appropriate Pupil Services Team and should include a statement of the reasons for the challenge. While the right of question does not, per se, imply an obligation upon the Pupil Services Team to make changes in the classification of or programmin5 for a child, replies to formal challenges will be made in writing by the Chairperson of the Pupil Services Team within ten school days of receipt of the challenge. Should the person in parental relationship wish to pursue the matter further, a challenge may again be presented in writing to the Chairperson of the District Committee for Gifted Children. With respect to such challenges, parents/guardians shall be expected to present evidence supporting their concern. Further, parents/guardians will receive written notice as to where and when the District Committee for Gifted Children will meet to consider the challenge and will be given reasonable time to prepare for the meeting. Within two weeks of the formal meeting, the panel will present its findings and the reasons for making the, determination to the person making the challenge, and to the appropriate Pupil Services Team Chairperson and to the Director of Library/Audio Visual/Gifted Services who is the administrator of the District Gifted Education Program.

Should the parents/guardians disagree with the findings of the District Committee for Gifted Children, they may place a statement of their concern into the student’s record, (Board Policy 4322) and/or make a written appeal to the Superintendent of Schools citing the reason(s) for dissatisfaction with the determination of the District Committee for Gifted Children.

Note: Prior regulation, Gifted Children

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September 28, 1987
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