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4321-R.5, Special Education Records


Three (3) Special Education records or paper files will be maintained in three (3) locations for each student with a disability. The Committee on Special Education (CSE) records will be located in Shaker High School in the Office of Pupil Services, the Public Service Team (PST) records will be located in the school in which the student attends and the psychologist records will also be located in the psychologist’s office in the school in which the student attends.

It will be the responsibility of the Director of Pupil Services to ensure that the records are established, maintained and kept secure by reviewing annually a random sample of three special education records at each grade level in the eight schools. At the CSE level the CSE Chairpersons will be delegated the responsibility for ensuring that all student records are current and accurate. At the PST level the responsibility will be delegated to the Pupil Services Team Chair of each school. The psychologist will be responsible for the psychological record.


The following items shall be included, when appropriate, in each student record (CSE, PST and psychological).


  1. Initial psychological evaluation
  2. Current IEP
  3. Past IEPs
  4. CSE letters to parents
  5. Parent letters to CSE Chairpersons
  6. Current List of Tests
  7. Access list
  8. Current triennial
  9. Request for adaptive equipment by the CSE
  10. Registration form


  1. Initial psychological record
  2. Current IEP
  3. Past IEPs
  4. PST letters to parents
  5. Parent letters to PST Chairpersons
  6. Current List of Tests
  7. Access list
  8. Current triennial
  9. Request for adaptive equipment by the PST
  10. Registration form


  1. Current psycho-educational evaluation
  2. All relevant prior psycho-educational evaluations
  3. Psychological evaluations from outside agencies
  4. Test Protocols *
  5. Notes related to preparation of psycho-educational evaluations ongoing treatment case notes **

* Parents/guardians may inspect and review psychological reports relating to their children. While test protocols are part of the student’s record, test security and copyright restrictions of test protocols are protected. On written request by a parent or guardian, copies of protocols may be sent to certified or licensed professionals who are trained in interpreting psychological data.

** These notes meet the criteria of an excluded record and are not accessible to anyone but the psychologist or his/her temporary substitute.


The PST records will be transferred when the student leaves one of the district schools and attends another district school. The PST chairperson of the student’s current school is responsible to ensure that the PST record contains the items in IIB when it is transferred to the receiving district school. The school psychologist is responsible for ensuring that the psychological record is complete and includes the items listed in IIC. The transfer of PST and psychological records occurs when a student transitions from elementary to junior high school and from junior high school to high school. It also takes place when a student’s family moves from one North Colonie elementary school area to another North Colonie elementary school area.


The PST, CSE, and Psychology records of each student with a disability should be reviewed annually by the PST Chairperson, CSE Chairperson and psychologist. The items in II regarding the PST, CSE and psychology records shall be included.

Parents have access to the PST, CSE and psychology records. They are to contact the PST or CSE Chairperson to arrange a time to review the records. A representative from the PST, CSE or the psychologist will be available to respond to parent questions concerning the records. The cost of reproducing the records will be incurred by the parent. The cost per page will be 20¢.

Adopted: April 24, 2000