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3400-R, Administrative Reports Regulation

Staff Reports

An annual evaluation report shall be submitted to the Superintendent of Schools on or before September 15th, by the following:

Assistant Superintendents
Building Principals
Director of Pupil Services
Director of Physical Education and Athletics
Director of Library/AV Services
Coordinator of Continuing Education

Building Principals and directors shall submit periodic reports to keep the Superintendent informed on the progress of their respective schools/departments.

Business Office Reports

The Assistant Superintendent for Business will prepare the following reports for each regular monthly meeting of the Board:

  1. Monthly treasurer’s report
  2. Report on investments and borrowing
  3. School lunch program
  4. Bills and payroll

Twice each year the Assistant Superintendent for Business will prepare a detailed report on vandalism in the schools. Said report shall be forwarded to the Superintendent and the Board of Education.

Policy Adopted: December 16, 1986
Amended: February 24, 1997
Amended: October 23, 2006