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3400, Administrative Reports

In addition to special reports required to keep the Board of Education informed on school district matters and those reports requested by the Board, the Superintendent of Schools shall be responsible for the following regular reports:

Report: Routine Agenda Reports
Data Included:
a. Monthly financial statement
b. Investments & Borrowing
c. School lunch program
d. Bills & Payroll
Date: Each regular monthly meeting of the Board

Report: End of Year Financial Statement
Data Included: Detailed summary of revenues, expenditures and budget balance
Date: September meeting of the Board of Education

Report: Teacher Turnover
Data Included: By level and department, with summary of reasons for leaving. Includes comparison with previous two years and summary of experience level of replacement staff.
Date: To Board of Education in August

Report: Vandalism Report
Data Included: Detailed report of school vandalism, including costs, covering fiscal year
Date: Twice a year to the Board of Education

Report: Textbook Report
Date Included: Listing of all basic textbooks used in the school district
Date: October meeting of the Board of Education

Report: Staff Listing
Data Included: Listing of all district employees by position and level
Date: Annually on or before January 1

Report: School Enrollment BOE Report October
Data Included: Actual school and grade enrollments
Date: At the monthly meetings to June

Report: Updated Enrollment Projection
Data Included: Projection of school enrollments for 10 year period, by level and grade
Date: October meeting of the Board of Education

Report: Summer Curriculum Activity
Data Included: Summary report on summer curriculum projects
Date: November meeting of the Board of Education

Report: Continuing Education Financial Report
Data Included: Detailed financial report for each term
Date: January & August meetings of the Board of Education

Report: Annual Evaluation
Data Included: In-depth evaluation of all instructional and support programs
Date: December meeting of the Board of Education

Report: Annual Fire Inspection Report
Data Included: Report on results of fire-safety survey of the schools
Date: Report to Board of Education once each year at conclusion of fire inspections

Note: Prior policy, 2112.11(a), (b)

Policy Adopted: October 9, 1973
Amended: December 15, 1986 Amended: February 24, 1997