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3327, Authority To Contract

Subject to any limitations set forth in Board of Education policy manual, the Business Administrator or his/her designee is authorized to negotiate those contracts and contract-like instruments that classify under any of the following categories:

  1. Purchase orders for budgeted items
  2. Contracts for
    1. Furniture and equipment
    2. Construction
    3. Servicing of machinery and equipment
    4. Special services such as laundry, waste disposal, security systems
    5. Disposal of obsolete equipment, supplies, text books, etc.
    6. Cooperative educational agreements
  3. Rental/lease agreements on
    1. Use of district buildings and facilities by outside groups.
    2. Use of outside equipment and facilities by the district
  4. Insurance policies and insurance claims settlements
  5. Agreements for engaging extra help

The Business Administrator or his/her designee will review and audit student activity expenditures such as the purchase of class rings and yearbooks and the hiring of dance bands and other entertainers.

The Business Administrator shall be responsible for the negotiation of all school purchase contracts the Board shall specify.

The Business Administrator shall see that all contracts are signed as the Board shall direct, shall keep copies of them on file with proper precautions taken for their security, shall be responsible for reporting, as requested, on contract ful-

fillment progress, and in general shall be prime consultant on contract performance.

In the drafting of contracts, the services of the Attorney for the Board of Education shall be called upon as needed.

Policy Adopted: November 12, 1973
Amended: July 20, 1987
Amended: January 25, 1999