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3262, Continuing Education Program

The Continuing Education Program shall be administered by the Coordinator of Continuing Education, who shall be immediately responsible in line of authority to the Assistant Superintendent of Schools for curriculum and instruction.


Estimates for the Continuing Education Program budget shall be based on surveys of probable community demand for evening school services. A detailed budget shall be drafted in preliminary form by the Coordinator for the Assistant Superintendent who will submit it, if he/she endorses it, for the approval of the Superintendent and for inclusion in the general budget to be considered by the Board.

Related Functions

It shall be permissible for the Continuing Education Program to serve the cultural life of the community in certain ways other than through classroom instruction, such as by offering Board-approved public platform lecture series, educational films, and other such programs.

Coordination with Community Agencies

The Continuing Education Program shall avoid duplicating services of other community agencies and shall be so organized that it does not encroach upon or compete with organized activities in the community.


For non-credit courses of instruction, certificated teachers are not required, but, to the extent they are available, the faculty shall be staffed with personnel certificated for their areas of instruction.

Rates of pay for Continuing Education instructors shall be determined by the Board, except that certain outside agencies, operating not-for-profit (e.g., the American Red Cross), may provide instructors without charge to the district.


Standard fees, varying only according to the nature or cost of offering particular courses of instruction, shall be determined by the Board and shall be fixed at levels estimated to be sufficient to pay the salaries of teachers and the Coordinator and to defray such other costs as are readily assignable to continuing education operations.

Approval of Course Offerings

Course offerings of each term of the Continuing Education Program must have the approval of the Board of Education before they are announced to the public.

Enrollment of Students

Students sixteen years of age or older may enroll in continuing education courses. The District reserves the right to establish prerequisites for participation in selected courses.

Cross-ref: 4340, Continuing Education Programs

Note: Prior policies, 6212, 6213, 6214

Policy Adopted: December 9, 1974
Amended: September 28, 1987
Amended: February 24, 1997
Amended: June 21, 1999