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3120-R, Staffing

The Superintendent shall make recommendations on the appointment of administrators, teachers and all other employees of the district.

  1. Authorization
    The Superintendent shall make recommendations for additional staff needs for the succeeding school year to the Board as part of the proposed budget.
  2. Advertising and Recruiting
    Upon Board authorization of additional staff needs, the Superintendent shall advertise authorized positions and vacancies to a sufficient number of colleges and universities so as to insure the recruitment of a high quality staff in keeping with Board staffing objectives.
  3. Screening
    The Superintendent shall organize procedures for the efficient screening of qualified candidates applying for positions in the North Colonie Central Schools.
  4. Appointment
    The Superintendent shall prepare a recommendation for Board action. Prior to the final screening of any candidate for Board action, a personal contact with at least one of the candidate’s significant references (preferably the previous school employer) shall be made.Candidates selected for recommendation to the Board shall be checked by the Superintendent for eligibility for New York State certification, and the Superintendent shall determine the proper salary schedule placement for such candidates based on collective bargaining agreements when appropriate. A resume of the candidate’s qualifications and experience shall be prepared for the Board of Education agenda.Upon formal action by the Board, the contract with the teacher shall be executed by the Superintendent (or in case of his/her absence, the designated Assistant Superintendent) and the Clerk of the Board.
  5. Reappointment
    a. Attainment of Tenure – At the regular Board meeting to meet contract notifications and State law, the Superintendent shall present for Board approval the list of teachers to be appointed to tenure status.
    b. Probationary Teachers – At the regular Board meeting in May, the Superintendent shall present for Board action the list of probationary teachers to be terminated.

February 24, 1997