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3100, Superintendent of Schools

The Board of Education will by a majority vote appoint a Superintendent of Schools to serve as the chief executive officer for the Board of Education.

Whenever a vacancy or anticipated vacancy in the office of Superintendent of Schools occurs, the Board of Education will invite a qualified individual(s) to apply for the position. The Board will screen and evaluate said applicant(s) and will elect by resolution of the Board a Superintendent of Schools to serve as the Board’s chief executive officer at a regular meeting of the Board.


The Superintendent will serve as stipulated under a contract to be signed and approved by both parties. Removal from office will be in accordance with the terms of that contract and in accordance with New York State law.

3110, Qualifications of the Superintendent
3111, Recruitment of the Superintendent
3130, Superintendent’s Contract

Ref: Education Law §§1604; 1711; 2507; 2508

Policy Adopted: October 9, 1973
Amended: February 24, 1997
Amended: February 29, 2016