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2510-E.3, Policy vs. Administration

I. The General Responsibilities of a School Board

A. Policy making
B. Hiring the Superintendent
C. Long-range planning and goal setting
D. Evaluating the Superintendent
E. Adopting the budget
F. Ratifying collective bargaining agreements
G. Establishing instructional programs
H. Overseeing school facilities and operations regarding:

  1. students
  2. physical plant

I. Establishing and maintaining effective public relations
J. Hearing appeals from school staff members and students regarding the implementation of Board policy

II. The General Responsibilities of the Administration

A. Implementing Board policy

  • developing regulations that reflect Board policy

    B. Evaluating staff
    C. Making budget recommendations to the Board
    D. Recommending curriculum revisions to the Board
    E. Operating the school system regarding:

    1. staff
    2. students
    3. physical plant

    F. Being involved with public relations to the extent that Board policy provides