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2510-E.1, New Board Member Orientation Program

  1. Review of materials:
    a. Board of Education Policy Manual
    b. 19__ – ______  Budget
    c. “School Law”
    d. Directory – Board Members, administrators and Board committees
    e. Staff listing (19__ – ______  year)
    f. Table of Organization
    g. Annual Evaluation Report 19__ – ______  
    h. Simplified Parliamentary Procedure
    i. NCTA contract. Current CSEA contract has not been printed yet.
    j. Job Descriptions
  2. Purpose of Board: Policy Development versus Administration of School District.
  3. Organization of the Board
    a. Committees
    b. Officers
    c. Secretary
    d. Clerk
    e. Annual Meeting
  4. Overview of Committees
    1. Use of annual Board survey.
    2. Assignment process: chairpersonships and membership.
    3. Meeting schedule.
    4. Committee membership: Committee-of-the-whole and assigned Board members.
  5. Ethics of Board members
    1. Confidentiality of information.
    2. Avoiding conflicts of interest.
  6. How to handle communications.
    1. Who speaks for the Board
    2. Parental concerns
    3. The media
    4. Administration
      1. Superintendent
      2. Assistant Superintendent
      3. Other administration
    5. Other Board members
    6. Role of the officers
  7. Budget
  8. Board meetings
    1. Agenda
    2. Process
    3. Procedure
    4. Packets
  9. Meeting with Superintendent.
  10. Tour of facilities and introduction to staff.