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2350, Board Meeting Procedures

Issues may be discussed informally prior to the formal submission of a motion or resolution. Such informal discussion shall be limited to 15 minutes or less at the discretion of the Presiding Officer.

Informal discussion of new business or reconsideration of old business may be permitted non-board members in the following order of procedure at the discretion of the Presiding Officer:

  1. Administrative personnel
  2. Other school employees
  3. Invited guests
  4. Others wishing to address the Board

The Presiding Officer is empowered to limit the number of persons within each group who may be permitted to speak and the length of time each such person may speak. Such non-member allowed to speak is limited to addressing the Board but two times on the same subject, the second time only after others have had an opportunity.

Asking a question is not considered as speaking or discussion.

Non-members shall be permitted to speak only on main motions or business which may lead up to a main motion.

Once a motion has been stated by the Presiding Officer, non-members may be allowed to speak in the order stated only after Board Members have been accorded an opportunity to speak at least once.

Note: Prior policy, Order of Business-Discussions, 9368.1

Policy Adopted: December 9, 1963
Amended: February 24, 1997