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2120.1, Candidates and Campaigning

  1. It shall be the duty of the Clerk of the Board to provide the following information to persons who desire to submit names for nomination to the Board:
    1. The number of positions on the Board which will become vacant and be filled in the next election
    2. The names of the present incumbent of each position which will become vacant
    3. The duration of term for each vacancy
    4. The names of all known nominees for each individual vacancy

      When a petition is given out, it shall be marked as to the date and hour; and, when received for filing, it shall also be marked with the date and hour of filing.

      The above information shall be provided by the Clerk at the time the nominating petition forms are picked up and at other times upon request. It shall be the responsibility of the individual candidates to keep themselves apprised of any changes in the above information, prior to the cut-off date for submission of nominating petitions, by requesting the most recent information from the Clerk.

      A written copy of this policy and of the pertinent sections of the Education Law shall be given to each person who picks up a nominating petition form.

  2. Board Members shall be qualified voters in the District and nominated by a petition signed by at least twenty-five (25) qualified voters of the District, or 2 percent of the number of voters in the previous election, whichever is greater, stating the vacancy to be filled, and filed at least thirty (30) days preceding the annual election. Not withstanding the above, the law does permit the election of write-in candidates.
  3. All petitions for Board membership shall be available to the press, when requested, as soon as received by the District Clerk.
  4. Annual election will coincide with the annual budget vote.
  5. Voting to be by machine. Absentee ballots may be used as provided by law.
  6. Two election Registrars/Inspectors are to be appointed by the Board for each voting machine.
  7. Registrars/Inspectors are to be reimbursed for services as determined annually by the Board.
  8. Election Registrars/Inspectors are to report to the building designated by the Board at close of voting for summarization of vote by Chairperson of the voting district previously appointed by Board.

Cross-ref: 6120, Budget Hearing Ref: Education Law §2018

Note: Prior policy, School District Election Procedures, 9510

Policy Adopted: December 11, 1972
Amended: January 26, 1976
Amended: March 22, 1976
Amended: December 20, 1976 (eff. 7/1/77)
Amended: January 22, 1979
Amended: September 17, 1984
Amended: February 24, 1997