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1521, Rules Concerning Loitering on School Property

The Board of Education of the North Colonie Central School District of the Town of Colonie, County of Albany, New York, hereby promulgates and adopts the following rules concerning loitering on school property, pursuant to authority conferred by Section 722-b of the Penal Law.

  1. While a school is in session, no person, other than a pupil, an officer or employee of the district, or the parent or legal guardian of a pupil in regular attendance at such school, or other person having official business, shall enter upon or remain upon school property for any purpose without the permission of the Building Principal or other authorized representative of the district having such property in charge.
  2. Upon entering the building, parents/guardians and others having official business shall sign in at the designated check-in.
  3. While a school is not in session, no person, except district officers or employees, shall enter or remain in a school district building without prior permission from the Building Principal, custodian or other authorized representative of the district having such property in charge. Grounds are closed from sunset to sunriseother than with prior permission.
  4. Spectators or participants attending meetings, athletic contests, recreational activities, instructional programs and entertainments permitted by the Board may enter upon district property not more than one hour prior to the commencement of, and shall leave the premises immediately at the conclusion of, the event or program, unless special permission to the contrary has been obtained from the Building Principal, custodian or other authorized representative of the district having such property in charge.
  5. Requests from organizations or individuals to use school buildings or grounds for meetings, athletic contests, recreational activities, entertainments or instructional purposes shall be directed to the Principal as per policy #1500. Permission to use school property for such purposes shall be at the discretion of the District and always subject to the laws governing the use of school property and the regulations established by the Board for the proper use of each such building or area.
  6. Permissions granted for the use of school property shall require that all individuals observe and adhere to the rules adopted by the Board concerning the control of traffic by motor vehicles and motorcycles on school property as per policy #8240.
  7. Violators of the above rules are subject to arrest and prosecution.

Board of Education Intent

The seven rules on loitering are intended to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Define the power and responsibilities of school personnel in reference to loitering.
  2. Establish the rules under which school officials can request police enforcement of the regulations.
  3. Establish rules which will give school officials power to act in case property users are misusing school property.

Principal’s Responsibilities

The following statements define the responsibilities which Building Principals have under the rules on loitering:

  1. Acquaint all staff members with the rules and discuss their implications with them.
  2. Require all organized groups which are users of school property to adhere to the procedures specified in policy #1500.
  3. Inform pupils:
    a. that permission is granted for them to use school grounds as playgrounds. during out of school hours.
    b. this permission will be withdrawn if the privilege is misused.
  4. In case violations occur which cannot be handled by a school employee making a simple request for conformance, then the school Principal or other delegated school official is to call the police in an emergency, or discuss procedures to be followed with the Superintendent in the event the situation is deemed not to be an emergency.

Note: Prior Policy, Rules Concerning Loitering on School Property, 1350(a)4b)

Cross Reference: #8240 Traffic and Parking Controls

Policy Adopted: December 13. 1958
Amended: November 13, 1972
Amended: November 25, 1985
Amended: December 15, 1986
Amended: February 24, 1997
Amended: October 26, 2009