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1500-E.6, Set-Up Request Form

Custodial Dept. Set-Up Request Form

This Form MUST be handed in to the Shaker High School Main Office. It will be routed to the Custodial Supervisor.
*Note – A Two-week notice is required per set-up request
Contact: High School Day Custodial Supervisor
Phone (518) 785-5511 Ext. 3316 with any questions.
Cell: (518) 858-3323 or (518) 858-6571

Person Requesting: ____________________________________________ Date Submitted: __________________

Phone Number: __________________ E-mail Address: ________________________________________________

Name of Organization: _______________________________________________________

Name of Event: _____________________________________________________________

Date of Event: __________________

Event Start Time: ____________ Event End Time: ____________

Rooms and/or Location: ______________________________________________________

Number of people expected to attend: _______

Tables Needed: (circle) YES NO

Chairs Needed: (circle) YES NO

Number of Tables: _______ Number of Chairs: _______

Adopted: January 23, 2012