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1131, News Releases

Information of a factual nature, concerning the regular activities specific to a school, may be released at the discretion of the Principal of said school. News items of programs or activities which may be new to the community, or any release which might be regarded as interpretive, should first receive approval of the Superintendent of Schools.

Any news release concerning activities or policies of the Board of Education shall be released only through the Superintendent’s office, with specific approval of the Board President, or Vice President in his/her absence.

The distribution of school or district press releases shall be made to all local and metropolitan newspapers and timed in such a manner so as to give all newspapers an equal opportunity for publication.

All news releases should be forwarded to the Superintendent for his/her information.

N.Qst: Prior policy, School News Releases, 1112

Policy Adopted: April 9, 1973
Amended. February 24, 1997