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Family & Consumer Sciences

Family and Consumer Sciences

North Colonie’s Family and Consumer Sciences department offers courses that provide students with real-world learning opportunities. The purpose of the program is to prepare students to be competent, confident and caring in managing their personal, family and work lives.

Family and Consumer Sciences at Shaker Junior High School

Family and Consumer Sciences 7

The seventh grade Home and Career program teaches students important lessons on living a healthy life, finding a good job and keeping ones finances in order. Students will start the Nutrition Unit learning kitchen safety and sanitation. Nutrition and nutrients are taught through hands on cooking labs and reading food labels. Students learn how exercise and proper diet are both important parts of a healthy lifestyle.

The Career unit starts with students learning about themselves. Interests, personality type and values are matched to careers. Students then research careers learning about education, median salary and employment outlook. Getting that job is very important, but we also want our students to manage their money. Basic lessons include: saving, credit and balancing a checkbook. Seventh grade students will attend Home and Career Skills every day for ten weeks.

Family and Consumer Sciences 8

The eighth grade Home and Career program builds on the lessons learned in seventh grade. Students will learn more detailed information on nutrition, fitness and careers. There are general nutritional guidelines, but personal nutritional needs and sugar management should be taken into account when planning meals for each individual. Students are taught about fad diets and the dangers of limiting calories or nutrients to the body.

In the second half of the course, the focus moves to career research and the process of getting a job. Students will learn about interviews, cover letters, and resumes. They will continue to research jobs that match their personal strengths and interests. Eighth grade students will attend Home and Career Skills every day for ten weeks.

Family and Consumer Sciences at Shaker High School

Shaker High School’s Family and Consumer Sciences program consists of 14 different elective courses to choose from, with a NYS Education Department approved program in Human Services. Students who complete a specific five-unit sequence will get a “Human Services” endorsement on their diploma.