Welcome to North Colonie, new hires!

The North Colonie Central School District would like to welcome all of our new hires listed below. We are so happy to have you! Typically, all new hires are invited to the September Board of Education meeting for a small welcome reception. However, COVID-19 has prevented that from happening this year. Congratulations and welcome to the following:


  • Amanda Cutter, Assistant Director of Transportation
  • Amber Manke, Assistant Director of Pupil Services, LV / FF / LR
  • Melissa Willman, Supervisor of Special Education, Central Office

Elementary Staff

  • Grace Bouchard, Special Education, LR
  • Sarah Boule, 2nd Grade, SG
  • Julia Brisbane, 3rd Grade, Remote
  • Gabrielle Capone, 1st Grade, BC
  • Kaitlyn Chirico, 5th Grade, *4-6 JHS
  • Kennedy Cocozzo, 4th Grade, *4-6 JHS
  • Colleen Commisso, 3rd Grade, *K-3 Remote
  • Jacqueline Curtis, Special Education, SG
  • Caitlin Devine, Special Education, LR
  • Logen Farrell, Special Education, BC
  • Brittany Garrison, 5th Grade, *4-6 JHS
  • Gabriella Giacone, 3rd Grade, LR
  • Daniel Gildart, 5th Grade, *4-6 JHS
  • Christina Heidorn,1st Grade, LR
  • Meghan Hull, 5th Grade, *4-6 JHS
  • Lauren Mazzotta, 4th Grade, *4-6 JHS
  • Fiona McAuley, 2nd Grade, K-3 Remote
  • Julia Morris, School Counselor, LR
  • Chloe Ng, Kindergarten, LR
  • Rahilah Niazi, 6th Grade, *4-6 JHS
  • Alexandra Nizolek, School Counselor, FF
  • Alison Putman, Kindergarten, BH
  • Marisa Roark, Special Education, SG
  • Cassandra Sarnell, Special Education, FF
  • Eilis Sheil, Special Education SG
  • Bianca Stinney, 1st Grade, LO
  • Kayleigh Stumbaugh, 6th Grade, *4-6 Remote
  • Susan Truitt, Physical Therapist, FF
  • Lakeisha Vincent, 6th Grade, *4-6 Remote
  • Taylor Wiley, 3rd Grade, SG
  • Nicole Woodcock, ENL Teacher, DW / Menands
  • Jennifer Zimbal, 1st Grade, LR

Grade 7-8 Staff

  • Lavaughn Garland, School Counselor, JHS
  • Jennifer Kirchher, Science Teacher, JHS
  • Cherokee Lynn, Spanish Teacher, JHS

Grade 9-12 Staff

  • Nicole Auriemma, School Psychologist, SHS
  • Jared Banker, Music, SHS
  • Joseph Bouchard, Special Education, SHS
  • Matthew DiSanto-Rose, Teacher Assistant, SHS
  • Heather Gorman, Special Education, SHS
  • Brandon Guthrie, Physical Education, SHS
  • Alicia Murdock, Spanish, SHS
  • Cheyenne North, Math (.2 FTE) / Secondary Teacher Partnership, SHS

Non-Instructional Staff

  • Amy Demers, Educational Aide, BC
  • Brandon Johnson, Technology Assistant, SHS
  • Andeetoh Karins, Educational Aide, SG
  • Dominic Riccio, Educational Aide, SHS
  • Sinfanie Rivera, Educational Aide, *4-6 JHS
  • Michelle Rosario, Elementary Café Supervisor, Blessed Sacrament
  • Michele Tanchak, Educational Aide, SHS
  • Suzanne Tizzone, Bus Driver Trainer/Dispatcher, Transportation

Teacher Force & Secondary Teacher Partnership

  • Erin Abriel, Teacher Force, FF
  • Brianna Bhola, Teacher Force, FF
  • Janelle Carey, Teacher Force, LR
  • Evan Carrier, Secondary Teacher Partnership, SHS
  • Kaitlin Cavell, Permanent Building Substitute, *4-6 JHS
  • Amanda Daley, Teacher Force, LR
  • Lisa Ehman, Teacher Force, SG
  • Amanda Ferro, Secondary Teacher Partnership, SHS
  • Jacob Hardy, Teacher Force, LR
  • Steven Herbs, Teacher Force, *4-6 JHS
  • Fatahiya Irani, Teacher Force, BC
  • Marlana Jojo, Secondary Teacher Partnership, SHS
  • Jacqueline Kavana, Teacher Force, LO
  • Adam Kiefer, Secondary Teacher Partnership, SHS
  • Michael LaCouture, Secondary Teacher Partnership, SHS
  • David Lotto, Permanent Building Substitute, *4-6 JHS
  • Michael Lucia, Secondary Teacher Partnership, SHS
  • Winnie Meade, Teacher Force, *4-6 JHS
  • Erin Murray, Teacher Force, LO
  • Samantha Murray, Teacher Force, FF
  • Sarah Neapolitano, Teacher Force, LR
  • John Paris, Secondary Teacher Partnership, SHS
  • Patricia Quaranta, Teacher Force, BC
  • Phyllis Rinella, Secondary Teacher Partnership, SHS
  • Alexandra Roser, Teacher Force, *4-6 JHS
  • Lisa Rust, Teacher Force, *4-6 JHS
  • Alicia Sala, Secondary Teacher Partnership, SHS
  • Meghan Saulpaugh, Teacher Force, LO
  • Leah Silidjian ,Teacher Force, *4-6 JHS
  • Renee Thorpe, Secondary Teacher Partnership, SHS
  • Juliet VanKampen, Teacher Force, LO
  • Riley Zink, Teacher Force, SG