Unique Opportunity: Latin Students See Ancient Statues in Color 

Shaker High School Latin students recently visited The MET to experience the “Chroma: Ancient Sculpture in Color” exhibit.

According to SHS teacher Edythe Malara, Shaker’s Latin program includes three levels of Latin over five sections. There are currently over 100 students enrolled in the program, which give students the opportunity to enrich their study of other World Languages offered, deepen their understanding of English, and build their analytical thinking skills. Students also begin to see the world through a new lens – a Classical lens – which shows them how much our modern world has been influenced by the ancient world.

“This opportunity allowed our Latin students to look at famous statues from the ancient Greek and Roman world with an ancient lens,” said Malara. “Ancient Greek and Roman statues were beautifully painted with exquisite details, and because of time, much of that paint has been lost. This exhibit gave our students a unique opportunity to see the statues as the ancients would have also seen them!” 


Shaker HS Latin students tour the MET
SHS Latin students tour the MET to experience the “Chroma: Ancient Sculpture in Color” exhibit.