SHS Students Standout on German National Exam

The Shaker High School German program hosted an award ceremony April 27 to celebrate and honor the outstanding results students achieved in the 2022-23 National German Exam.

Shaker High School German Exam Award students group picture.Every year, the students enrolled in the classes German 3, 4 and 5 (10th through 12th grade) participate in the German National Exam sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG). In December 2022, 76 German students from SHS participated, competing against 12,352 students nationwide and achieved remarkable results in this prestigious competition. Students earned seven Gold medals, six Silver medals and nine Bronze medals. Students that earned a gold medal qualify to apply for an all-expense-paid for three-week-trip to Germany. The American Association of Teachers of German commended Mrs. Connor for the performance of their students on the 2022/23 AATG National Exam.

The following students earned gold medals and became eligible for the AATG NGE scholarship:
Eloise Gall, Brian Devendorf, Hyunseo Kim, Lucas Bell, Jack de Roziere, Pavithra Jayakumar, Lorenzo Fernandez.

The following students earned silver medals: Regan Doherty, Edward Xu, Samuel Harkavy, Bowen Yu, Hannah Scheu, Darren Braasch.

In addition, the following students earned bronze medals: Lauren Brissette, Harry Shen, Clayton Koonce, Brendan McLoughlin, Everest Kuang, Kathryn Alber, Devraj Singh, Heidi Bilger, Ashlyn Arnold.