SHS Students Honored at Regional Media Arts Festival

Shaker High School students were recognized with honors at the 2021 Capital Region Media Arts Festival. This year, nearly 200 artworks were submitted from 18 school districts. Out of the twenty students who were presented with honors, six were from SHS. 

The award recipients entered the categories of photography, film & video, and graphic design. The winning selections are:

  • Ciara Bullington
  • Isabella Connell
  • Bria LaBella
  • Ammara Nazir
  • Shruti Kunadia
  • Alexandra Feurer

This is a slideshow of the work that earned SHS students recognition. For a showcase of the winning pieces from each category across all school districts, use this link. 

Special thanks goes out to the SHS department faculty: John Doolittle, Carrie Lue, Paul Aubin, Aaron Haacker, Kim Case, Lynn Marie Paris Frangie and Genevieve Chronyak for their dedication to support the talents of these students.  


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