SHS senior Zachary Novkov-Bloom publishes op-ed in The Times Union

During the fall semester, SHS senior Zachary Novkov-Bloom took Participation in Government and, as part of the course, completed a semester-long civic action capstone project. For part of the project, Zach wrote an op-ed to The Times Union titled “Changes need in mental health education in New York.” The op-ed was published on Friday, Feb. 5. Congratulations, Zach!

Like Zach, his classmates also wrote op-eds to local and state newspapers, and were in contact with local, state and federal government officials. Many have received direct responses from Assemblymember Phil Steck and Congressman Paul Tonko, as well as other government officials and agencies.

Students investigated and wrote about a wide range of topics including, issues related to the environment (climate change, recycling, renewable energy, pollution); health care access; mental health concerns; substance abuse; PTSD; LGBTQ rights; systemic racism; election laws; prison reform; equity in education funding; living wage laws; and human trafficking.