SHS Advanced Art & Design 1 Students Have Their Midterm Critiqued with Mrs. Paris!

Students in SHS’s Advanced Art & Design 1 had their midterm critique with Mrs. Paris in the Art Gallery at the high school. In November the class researched and presented artists whose work is in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. This was followed by a field trip to MoMA, where students studied, photographed and sketched the artwork. After the trip, students did a series of small color studies exploring the different styles they saw, followed by these larger than life self-portraits. They are done with acrylic paint on roofing paper.

The paintings are hanging in the gallery along with their supporting materials and a personally written artist statement, explaining the choices they made in the painting and the mood they were trying to convey. From start to finish this lesson addressed the NYSED Visual and Media Arts Learning Standards and students both developed technical skills and learned about themselves and contemporary art in our world.

Great job to these amazing artists and their art work!