Shaker’s Academic WorldQuest teams qualify for nationals

Shaker WorldQuest team 1
Shaker Academic WorldQuest team 1

On Sunday, March 7, 12 students from the Shaker History Research and Competition Club competed on three teams of four against students from nine states in the regional Academic WorldQuest competition sponsored by the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire. Based on their performance, all three Shaker teams qualified for World Affairs Councils of America’s National Competition that will be held in April! This is an incredible accomplishment!

Shaker Team 1 included Avi Bagchi, Patrick Dai, Harrison Fazzone and Viraj Parihar. They have been participating in the Academic World Quest program for three years and placed 3rd overall in the regional competition. Shaker Team 2 included Esam Abisse, Omer Hamza Baykal, Ilhan Eser and Shaheer Khawaja. Shaker Team 3 included Mahnoor Hasan, Harini Karnati, Shreya Mahesh and Alisha Patel. 

Shaker WorldQuest team 2
Shaker Academic WorldQuest team 2

Academic WorldQuest is a foreign policy/current events trivia competition that tests students’ knowledge of international politics, geography, global economics, history, and world cultures. This year’s topics included:

  1. Global Protests
  2. Shifting Sands: The Arab Spring 10 Years On
  3. International Labour Organization (ILO)
  4. The U.S. Foreign Service in the 21st Century
  5. Great Decisions
    1. Climate Change and the Global Order
    2. India and Pakistan
    3. Rea Sea Security
    4. Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking
    5. Shaker Academic WorldQuest team 3
      Shaker Academic WorldQuest team 3

      U.S. Relations with the Northern Triangle
    6. China’s Road into Latin America
    7. The Philippines and the U.S.
    8. Artificial Intelligence and Data
  6. Country in Focus: Uzbekistan
  7. Exploring Peace in a World of Conflict
  8. Fraying Alliances
  9. Looking to a Post-Pandemic Economy
  10. Current Events

“All of the students have done a tremendous job preparing for the Academic WorldQuest competition this year, especially given the COVID challenges that have made club meetings difficult,” said Academic WorldQuest advisor Andrew Krakat. “Despite those challenges, the students found ways to work collaboratively with their teammates and prepare for the competition. I am always amazed at how much growth and progress the students show throughout the school year in their knowledge and understanding of the year’s competition topics in the areas of international politics, geography, global economics, history, and world cultures. I am equally struck each year how the returning students work with the new students helping them prepare for the competition mentoring them along the way.”


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