Shaker High School holds 10th annual Catwalk for a Cause

Group photo of all catwalk participantsEarlier this winter, Shaker High School held its 10th annual Catwalk for a Cause, a fashion show run by students and community members. Each year, this event raises money for a cause chosen by the event coordinators. The chosen organizations are often personally related to the catwalk coordinators. The funds raised at this year’s event will support research, education and advocacy for those living with type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes.

The event co-chairs, senior Lana Mohammad and junior Eva Hymes, worked tirelessly to plan and direct various committees of approximately 100 students. The participating students included artists, musicians, athletes, best buddies and other school groups who receive clothing donations from local stores for students to wear on stage. Without their generous donations, Catwalk for a Cause wouldn’t be possible.

A unique aspect of the event is the variety of cultural representation from the students. Mansi Patel and Aaminah Afzal were compelled to lead the international theme this year because they feel it gives the audience a chance to see a variety of cultures. “It can be fun for the participants because most of them don’t get to wear their cultural clothing in their everyday lives and this event gives them a chance to show off their cultural fashion,” Mansi said.

Along with the international theme, Key Club went with an environmental theme which allowed students to raise awareness. The club members were inspired by a recent push for more sustainable fashion. One of the stylists, Izzy Cowan, says that fast fashion isn’t necessary for aesthetics. “Thrifted fashion is not only cheaper and more environmentally-friendly given that it reuses items instead of sending them to the landfill and preventing more from being produced, it is also a great way to acquire just as incredible pieces for styling.” The group collaborated with art students to create pieces from old fabric and recycled materials. Other items were obtained from thrift stores like the Salvation Army.

Student Government Administrator Lisa Morgan says this event is an amazing way for students to develop organizational skills and learn how to work together in order to succeed. “The event is fantastic because it is 100 percent student run and organized; the skills that all of the participating students use are very important and allow students to get ahead on learning how to organize in adulthood,” Morgan said. “Whether it be to have a fun time with friends, represent a specific organization or cause, or express cultural unity, students love the event and work hard to contact stores and execute the show of their dreams – all while learning along the way.”

A special thank you to this year’s supporters: Rue 21, Futia’s Formal Wear, Tuxego of Latham, Xena’s Bridal, Great Finds Thrift Boutique, Loft, Darn Good Yarn, Jocelyn’s, Salvation Army and Plato’s Closet.​