Shaker High School Emergency Dismissal

Dear North Colonie families, 

We want to inform you of a situation at the high school. At 12:45pm, Shaker High School implemented emergency early dismissal procedures. A staff member found a .22 caliber cartridge on the floor in the high school. The Colonie Police were called immediately. After consultation with the police, out of an abundance of caution, we have decided to do an early dismissal. All self-contained special education students requiring special transportation will be transported at their regularly scheduled 1pm dismissal time. 

Upon advice of the Colonie Police, all other schools in the district will continue with a regular school day and dismissal as this concern is confined primarily to the high school; however, in an abundance of caution we will have increased police patrols around each elementary school and the junior high school.  

The matter is currently under investigation by the Colonie Police. Any further determinations with regard to evening activities or athletic practices and/or events will be made in consultation with the Colonie Police. 


D Joseph Corr
Superintendent of Schools