Shaker Finalists in Worldwide Environmental Challenge With a Top Prize of $10,000

Four hundred teams from across the globe competed in the Spellman HV Clean Tech Competition – and SHS juniors Ayaan Bargeer, Shubham Yadav, and Labesh Baral were ranked in the top 10. They qualified for their project “A New Device for Agricultural Assistance: Predicting Crop Yield using Satellite Imagery, Climate, and Soil Data”.

Ayaan Bargeer explains, “The device uses an artificial intelligence algorithm we created to identify the most optimal time to plant a crop. This will allow third world countries to optimize their agricultural production, thus providing an increase in food supply and economic growth.”

In August, six nations will be represented at this year’s International Clean Tech Competition. Students will be competing for 10 grand and a chance to work with Spellman.


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