Shaker artists have worked featured in 3 Dimensions Exhibit

“Sea Bird” by Evan Fecko, clay and acrylic

Congratulations to our Shaker High School students who had their sculptures selected to be shown at the 3 Dimensions Exhibit at the annual HS Juried Art competition! 19 high schools across the region participated this year, submitting 221 pieces of artwork. 79 total sculptures were selected, including 13 from Shaker High School students!

To view all of the sculptures selected, please click here.

Congratulations to the following students:

  • Evan Fecko, Grade 12: “Sea Bird” Clay, Acrylic, and “Polarized” Clay, Acrylic
  • Joanna James, Grade 12: “Dragged Away” Clay, Acrylic
  • Madeline Green, Grade 12: “Purrrrrr” Clay, Acrylic
  • Christalline Santos, Grade 12: “Noodle Bowl” Soldered Brass & Copper
  • Isabel Fowler, Grade 11: “Pastel House” Clay, Acrylic
  • William Trainor, Grade 12: “The Old Tower” Clay, Acrylic
  • Hannah Byun, Grade 12: “Female Head” Clay, Acrylic
  • Jordyn Doran, Grade 12: “Timeless” Clay, Glaze, and “Loticia” Clay, Glaze
  • Micah Suh, Grade 11: “Radioactive Potato” Clay, Acrylic, Wire
  • Lucy Lee, Grade 10: “Hands” Clay, Acrylic
  • Sandra Sheedy, Grade 12: “Diver” Soldered Brass & Copper


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