Second Annual “Ridge Gala:” A Massive Celebration of Art & Music

Earlier this month, the arts took over Latham Ridge, as the building played host to the second annual “Ridge Gala” – a massive celebration of art and music, featuring artwork from every Latham Ridge student, and street-style musical performances by fifth graders and Panther alumni.

The whole North Colonie community was invited to walk the red carpet, and then walk the halls of Latham Ridge, enjoying the art and music spread throughout the entire building – as well as the interactive experiences like dart art and a courtyard drum circle.

The Ridge Gala: A Night of Fine Arts, with the theme, this year, of “Me and We,” a celebration of our individualities, as well as our place within the larger community.  Lathan Ridge Gala - playing drumsThis year, the Gala was also held in support of the Latham Ridge Backpack Program.  Activities this year included: 

  • Over 30 musical performances from current 5th grade students, as well as Latham Ridge alumni from nearly every grade level
  • Four themed art galleries with over 1,500 pieces of student art
  • Dart art – creating art by throwing darts at paint-filled balloons
  • Ribbon weaving
  • Rock painting
  • Painting to music as inspired by Wassily Kandinsky
  • Drum circle run by Shaker senior Tim Kelsey
  • Dot decoration as inspired by Yayoi Kusama 

Principal Aaron Thiell said, “Using a night of art and music as a way to bring the entire Latham Ridge community together and highlight the creative work of all our students is powerful. I’m already looking forward to next year’s Gala!”