RPI Engineering Ambassadors Visit Forts Ferry

The RPI Engineering Ambassadors made a visit to Forts Ferry Elementary School on Wednesday, November 14th to teach 3rd-5th grade students. They are a group of RPI engineering students devoted to inspiring younger students with what they learn in their respective majors while also educating them on the latest technological breakthroughs and real-world challenges. In the classrooms, the Ambassadors shared presentations and incorporated engaging hands-on activities that showed the real-world applications of STEM.

5th grade students engineered a solution to an oil spill problem. 4th grade students looked at wind energy as a way to bring clean energy to the modern world. 3rd grade students worked on “Imagineering” the future. Their presentations implement a truly creative, award-winning style that pushes the boundaries of traditional PowerPoint and engages the students in activities that complement the topics, introduce team-building skills, and challenge the students in problem-solving.