“Open World” Visits Shaker High School 

The “world” came to Shaker High School March 16, providing students with perspective and an opportunity to ask Polish Delegates a range of questions. 

Students from Andrea Stupp’s Foreign Policy class and Saskia Dolan’s and Phyllis Rinella’s Gender Studies’ classes attended a presentation by delegates from Poland who were brought here as part of the Open World Program hosted by the Congressional Office for International Leadership and the International Center of the Capital Region. 

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The delegates presented their own professional work in the private and public sectors. Several of the delegates are focusing their energies on implementing green infrastructure in their local communities, advancements in the area of gender equality and preservation of historical sites and monuments while also ensuring accessibility for all. 

Several delegates mentioned how much they enjoyed the opportunity to speak with students and how impressed they were with the students’ questions and their level of engagement on these important issues. 

“I thought it was a very informative presentation and discussion,” said Senior Tyler Jurnak, who is a student in Ms. Stupp’s Foreign Policy class. “ It addressed a lot of current issues, especially Poland’s response to the ongoing Ukrainian refugee issue as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“It was interesting how the families not only take them in, but they also help them find housing and jobs,” he added. “I found it surprising that the two main parties of Poland aren’t being divided by this but instead they are uniting around their support for Ukraine.” 

The delegates who presented were: Barbara Man, Joanna Budny Rzepecka, Jolanta Niezgodzka, Anna Stemplewska, Katarzyna Trzeciak (facilitator), Anna Rosinska (interpreter), and Lidia Ausbrook.

SHS students greet Polish Delegation March 2023