November 28, 2022 – Curriculum Committee Meeting Minutes

Members Present:

  • Linda Harrison, President
  • Matthew Cannon, Vice-President
  • Mary Alber
  • Nicholas Comproski
  • Michelle Dischiavo
  • Samuel Johnson
  • Mary Nardolillo
  • Sandy Pangburn

Also Present:

  • D. Joseph Corr, Superintendent
  • Kathleen Skeals, Deputy Superintendent
  • Brian Dineen, Director, Curriculum, Instruction and Strategic Innovation
  • Casey Parker, Forts Ferry Elementary Principal 
  • Emily Trombley, District Clerk
  • DJ Jakala, Communications Specialist
  • Jenna Bongermino, Director of Human Resources
  • Kathy Holden, Sr. Office Coordinator, OCI
  • Natélegé Turner-Hassell, Director Professional Learning Leadership and Development
  • Jewelie Koultis, Office Coordinator, OCI
  • List of others on file

Members Absent:

  • Pennie Grinnell

President Harrison opened the meeting at 7:00 pm.

Pledge of Allegiance recited.

Nardolillo offered a motion, seconded by Dischaivo to enter into an open session of Curriculum Committee.

Yes: 8
No: 0
Absent: 1
Motion Approved

Nardolillo offered a motion, seconded by Cannon to adjourn. 

Yes: 8
No: 0
Absent: 1
Motion Approved

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.