North Colonie Schools Show Gratitude to Service Members

Here are some examples of how our students and schools recognized our vets:

Latham Ridge Elementary fifth graders held a celebration and invited veterans from the community to brunch. The school has a variety of veterans from five different branches of the military, including two North Colonie employees, and several students’ family members. 

During the event, veterans branched off into teams, taking groups of 15-20 students through a variety of fitness challenges such as push ups and sit ups.

students do push ups at latham ridge with a service member.
A service member leads Latham Ridge Elementary students in a round of push ups.

Boght Hills Elementary held a flagpole ceremony in front of the school and invited local veterans to attend. They raised a flag belonging to Paul Bailie, a lieutenant colonel in the United States Army who has served in Afghanistan. His son, Ivan, is a student at Boght Hills.

student and his father
Ivan, a student at Boght Hills Elementary, with his father, Paul, a lieutenant colonel in the United States Army.