North Colonie CSD distributing rapid COVID-19 tests to students prior to mid-winter recess

North Colonie is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of our students and staff. With the upcoming February break, it is important for families to have the tools necessary to have their children return safely to school.

The district has received multiple shipments of rapid COVID tests from the county. Tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb. 16) we will distribute a test kit to each student to bring home. Parents are encouraged to test their child(ren) for COVID on either Saturday, Feb. 26 or Sunday, Feb. 27, prior to students returning to school on Monday, Feb. 28.

If your child tests positive, please follow the “Return to School” guidance and flowcharts. If your child shows symptoms of COVID, please do not have them attend school until they can meet the “Return to School” protocols.

Please note, some test kits show an expiration date that has already passed. Rest assured that all tests distributed have had their expiration dates extended by the FDA and are valid.

If you need additional test kits, please contact your building’s main office. Thank you for your continued support.