Mackenzie Hunter & Olivia LaBarge named April Kids Care recipients

Mackenzie Hunter and Olivia LaBarge

Mackenzie Hunter and Olivia LaBarge, Shaker High School ninth graders, were recognized on Wednesday, April 27 at the Board of Education (BOE) meeting as the April 2022 North Colonie Kids Care recipients

Mackenzie and Olivia were selected for a website they created for students and adults to help ease the transition to a new building as the junior high evolved to Shaker Middle School (SMS). The project is for their Silver Award for the Girls Scouts.

The website, which is available to the internal school community, includes color coded maps, pictures of teachers, a list of activities and clubs, and frequently asked questions.

According to Stacey Angell, a SMS school counselor who nominated Mackenzie and Olivia for this recognition, the students dedicated countless hours to the project over the span of a year. “They demonstrated exceptional time management, organization skills, and leadership skills,” said Angell.

The students, who have been friends since kindergarten, say that they worked well together because they were able to play off each other’s strengths. They worked on the project during the height of the pandemic remotely – successfully navigating the obstacles created by COVID-19.

Mackenzie and Olivia present their website to the Board of Education.

At the meeting, the students presented their work on a projected screen to the BOE and a large audience. Their hope is that the website helps the school community for years to come.

“It is my honor to have worked with these two girls and a privilege to nominate them for North Colonie Kids Care,” said Angell.

Great work, Mackenzie and Olivia!