Kindergarten Registration for 2023-24 now Open

Dear Parents/Guardians of 2023-2024 Kindergarten Students:

We are proud of our schools and all that they have to offer your family.  Whether you are a long-time area resident or a new arrival, we look forward to beginning our partnership which will lay a strong foundation for your child’s academic, social and emotional growth.

Online registration for the 2023-2024 year is underway. Below is information about and directions for the registration process.

Who should register?

Students who are five years old by December 1, 2023 AND any of the following:

  • Will attend North Colonie schools for Kindergarten
  • Are currently attending a Universal Pre-K program
  • Are currently a preschool student receiving special education services from the district
  • Will attend a private/parochial school for Kindergarten

If your student will not be attending Kindergarten next year, please contact Registrar Ms. Courtney DiCocco at to let her know.

When is registration?

The window for online registration for the 2023-24 school year will be open from January 9, 2023 through February 10, 2023.

If you do not register your child during this online registration period, you will need to make an appointment to complete the registration process in person with the District Registrar. Those appointments will be scheduled from March 1- March 10, 2023.

Where to register?

 Click here for North Colonie’s student registration information.

In the Information needed to register your student section, follow the directions and then click on the Begin Online Registration link. Select the 2023-24 School Year to start your application.

If you prefer paper copies of the registration or if you have questions, please contact Ms. DiCocco at or call her at 518-785-8591 x 3135. If you need assistance with this process in your home language, please see the enclosed translation directions.

What is next?

As you may be aware, the increased enrollment in the North Colonie Central School District has resulted in our need to balance classroom sizes very carefully across our six elementary schools.

  • For the families who are registering children who have older siblings already in one of our elementary schools, the incoming kindergarten child will be assigned to the same school as their older sibling. A rare exception may occur when the older sibling is in a specialized educational program that is not available in every elementary school.
  • For the families without older siblings, we will be working with our transportation office to identify “swing zones,” where students from the same neighborhood would go to an adjacent elementary school. These zones are determined based on clusters of students and routing that will allow the students to have the shortest bus ride possible and will also allow children to be in buildings with other friends from the neighborhood. Please note that we begin the balancing process and assignment of buildings in late March, so the sooner we have your child’s registration, the better it is for the equitable assignments which allow students the shortest bus ride possible. 
  • You will be notified of your child’s building placement by email the week of July 17.

We appreciate your patience as we work through the building assignment process.  Please know that we take great pride in the fact that no matter what elementary school our students attend, they will receive a high quality, equitable education, preparing our youngest learners for success academically, socially, and emotionally throughout their entire educational experience within the district.  After placements are made you will receive information from your child’s school principal regarding an orientation for kindergarten parents. 

Again, we look forward to working with you and establishing a partnership that will help your child grow and flourish.


D. Joseph Corr