June 12, 2023 – Special Meeting Minutes

Members Present:

  • Linda Harrison, President
  • Nicholas Comproski
  • Michelle Dischiavo
  • Samuel Johnson
  • Mary Nardolillo
  • Pennie Grinnell
  • Sandy Pangburn
  • Mary Alber

Also Present:

  • Kathleen Skeals, Superintendent
  • Natélegé Turner-Hassell, Assistant Superintendent
  • Scott Hoot, Assistant Superintendent for Business
  • Emily Trombley, District Clerk
  • Brian Dineen, Director, Curriculum, Instruction and Strategic Innovation
  • Keith Bogert, Science Supervisor
  • Marcus Puccioni, Principal of Boght Hills Elementary

List of others on file.

Members Absent:

  • Matthew Cannon, VP

President Harrison opened the meeting at 7:13 pm.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Recommended Actions:

Old Business

Personnel Actions (M-1)

III.B. 1. Classified Separation of Employment:  

NamePositionLocationEffective Dates
LaCrosse, MarkSchool Bus DriverTransportationLast day of work 6/23/2023; first day of retirement 6/24/2023
Savona, NicholasKeyboard SpecialistTransportation6/30/2023

III.B. 2. Certified Separation of Employment:

NamePositionLocationEffective Dates
Doak, JennaSpecial Education TeacherSG6/30/2023
Harris-Burnett, MelissaElementary TeacherSg6/30/2023
Hoot, ScottAssistant Superintendent for BusinessCOLast day of work 8/31/2023; first day of retirement 9/1/2023
Howansky, AmyFACS TeacherSHS6/30/2023
Muldoon, BrennaDistrict Supervisor K-12 Bilingual Education and World LanguagesSHS6/30/2023
Puccioni, MarcusElementary PrincipalBH6/30/2023
Toomey, ShannonTeacher – Special EducationBH6/30/2023

III.B. 3. At Will Employees (Hourly, Substitutes etc.) Separation of Employment:

NamePositionLocationEffective Dates
Allen, OliviaTeacher Force – 5 dayLR5/12/2023
Brancato, BrianTeacher Force – 5 daySHS6/1/2023
Libutti, MichaelaKindergarten Teacher – ST Leave replacementBC5/23/2023
Mease, KarenPermanent Building Substitute – 5 dayFF6/6/2023

III.B. 5. Classified Appointments:

NamePositionReplacing Civil Service StatusSalaryEffective Dates
Allen, JessicaKeyboard Specialist/FFN/AProbationaryPer CSEA NI Contract3/29/2023- 3/28/2024 *change in civil service status* 
Avellino, JeannieSchool Monitor- 7 hrs/day/BHReappointProbationaryPer CSEA NI Contract9/1/2023-6/30/2024
Baran, ShannonSchool Monitor-7.5 hrs/day/SMSReappointProbationaryPer CSEA NI Contract9/1/2023-6/30/2024
Carlo, ErikaSchool Monitor-7 hrs/day/LOReappointProbationaryPer CSEA NI Contract9/1/2023-6/30/2024
Ebel, LauraAssistant Cook Manager – 8.0 hr/day/ St. KateriSara NikiforovProbationaryPer CSEA NI Contract6/5/2023-6/4/2024
Elebyjian, NayeriSchool Monitor-7 hrs/day/LRReappointProbationaryPer CSEA NI Contract9/1/2023-6/30/2024
Gavin, Lynn.5 Keyboard Specialist/.5 Building Assistant/FFN/APermanent/ProvisionalPer CSEA NI Contract6/30/2023-9/3/2023 (additional summer days, max = 5 days)
Peterson, BrittaniCustodial Worker/ SMSJames CaseyProbationaryPer CSEA NI Contract5/17/2023-5/16/2024
Ratigan, LisaCustodial Worker/ SHSBrittani PetersonTemporaryPer CSEA NI Contract6/1/2023-6/30/2023
Rooney, JoanSchool Monitor-7 hrs/day/SGReappointProbationaryPer CSEA NI Contract9/1/2023-6/30/2024
Seals, MelissaSchool Monitor-7 hrs/day/FFReappointProbationaryPer CSEA NI Contract9/1/2023-6/30/2024
Smith, ColinSchool Monitor-7 hrs/day/BCReappointProbationaryPer CSEA NI Contract9/1/2023-6/30/2024
Washington, LatonyaSchool Monitor-7.5 hrs/day/SMSReappointProbationaryPer CSEA NI Contract9/1/2023-6/30/2024
Williams, RobbinSchool Monitor-7.5 hrs/day/SMSReappointProbationaryPer CSEA NI Contract9/1/2023-6/30/2024

III.B. 8. Certified Appointments:

NamePosition/LocationReplacingTenure AreaCertificationSalaryEffective Dates
Abriel, ErinElementary Teacher/FFChristy CarpenterElementaryChildhood Education 1-6 Professional, Literacy B-2, Professional, Literacy 1-6, ProfessionalMA-6 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023-8/31/2025
Ashline, BrianInnovation Teacher/TOSA/SMSReappointTechnologyTechnology, ProfessionalMA-17 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023-06/30/2024
Chirico, KaitlynInnovation Teacher/TOSA/SMSReappointElementaryChildhood Education 1-6, Professional; Literacy, Professional; Early Childhood Education, ProfessionalMA-13 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023-6/30/2024
Connors, HopeElementary Teacher/BCBreanne TaylorElementaryChildhood Education 1-6, Initial; Students with Disabilities 1-6, InitialMA-3 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023-8/31/2026
Derusso, JustinTeacher Assistant – Long Term Leave ReplacementAlyssa DessingueN/ATA-1, PendingTA-1 Per NCTA Contract11/1/2022-6/30/2023
*continuation of leave
Desharnais, JohnEnglish Teacher .6/ SHS /BOCES Regional Teacher .4 / RemoteN/AEnglish 7-12English 7-12, PermanentMA-34 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023-6/30/2024
DiLella, NinaElementary Teacher/LRChristine EganElementaryLiteracy B-6, Emergency COVID Initial; Childhood Education 1-6, InitialMA-2 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023-8/31/2026
Dole, SamuelMusic Teacher/SMSDimitri VasilakisMusicMusic, InitialMA-3 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023-8/31/2027
Fulmore, VanessaElementary Teacher/ SGMelissa HarrisElementaryChildhood Education, 1-6; Students with Disabilities, 1-6MA-2 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023-8/31/2027
Girard, AaronMath Coach/TOSA/COReappointElementaryChildhood Education 1-6, Professional; Math 7-9 ext, ProfessionalMA-13 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023-6/30/2024
Green, AlysaElementary Teacher/ BCRahilah NiaziElementaryChildhood Education 1-6, Initial; Early Childhood Education B-2, InitialMA-1 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023-8/31/2027
Hamlin, KerriannK-2 Literacy Instructional Coach/TOSA/COReappointElementaryPre-K, K, 1-6 Permanent; Students with Disabilities, ProfessionalMA-17 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2022-6/30/2023
Hutchison, KateSpanish TeacherHolly BlauForeign LanguageSpanish 7-12, ProfessionalMA – 9 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023- 8/31/2026 *correction in spelling 
Lacona, JuliaElementary Teacher/SGLisa AgrestaElementaryEarly Childhood Education B-2, Emergency COVID Initial; Childhood Education 1-6, Initial; Students with Disabilities 1-6, InitialBA-3 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023-8/31/2026
Lemka-Caola, JoyanneInnovation Teacher/SGReappointN/ANursery, K, 1-6, PermanentMA-5 Per NCTA Contract9/1-/2023-6/30/2024
Long, HannahMusic Teacher/BCKaylin SanderlMusicMusic, InitialBA-6 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023- 8/31/2027
Navratil, KristopherInnovation Teacher/TOSA/SMSReappointTechnologyTechnology, ProfessionalMA-14 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023-6/30/2024
Newton, JuliaElementary Teacher/ LRJoseph KeenanElementaryEarly Childhood Education B-2, Professional;  Childhood Education 1-6, InitialMA-5 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023-8/31/2027
Nix, BiancaElementary Teacher/BHKathleen BergerElementaryChildhood Education 1-6, InitialMA-4 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023-8/31/2025
Parks, AmyInnovation/LEP/TOSA/FFReappointElementaryChildhood Education 1-6, Professional; Gifted Extension, ProfessionalMA-20 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023-6/30/2024
Puccioni, MarcusHigh School Principal/SHSJames WagerHigh School PrincipalSchool Building Leader, Initial; School District Leader, Professional; Childhood Education 1-6, ProfessionalPer AANC Contract7/1/2023-6/30/2026
Relyea, RenataK-12 Instructional Technology Specialist/TOSA/COReappointElementaryNursery, K, 1-6, PermanentMA-21 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023-6/30/2024
Reese, KirstenElementary Teacher/ LOJulie MarionElementaryEarly Childhood Education B-2, Initial; Childhood Education 1-6, Initial; Students with Disabilities b-2, Initial; Students with Disabilities 1-6, Initial MA-3 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023-8/31/2027
Rollo, AlexanderInnovation Teacher/BCEmily GabrielsenN/AChildhood Education 1-6, InitialBA-2 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023-6/30/2024
Rossi, PaigeInnovation Teacher/TOSA/LRReappointElementaryNursery, K,1-6, Permanent; Reading, Permanent; Special Education, PermanentMA-27 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023-6/30/2024
Salinetti, LauraInstructional Coach/TOSA/COReappointElementaryNursery, K, 1-6, Permanent; Special Education, PermanentMA-21 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023-6/30/2024
Samaniuk, JenniferENL Teacher/SG (.5)/Instructional Coach (.5)ReappointTESOLEnglish to Speakers of other Languages, Permanent; Pre-K, K, 1-6, PermanentMA-23 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023-6/30/2024
Shepard, StaceyInnovation Teacher/TOSA/LEP/ BHReappointElementaryNursery, K, 1-6, Permanent; Literacy B-12, ProfessionalMA-26 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023-6/30/2024
Testa, MeghanK-2 Literacy Instructional Coach/TOSA/COReappointElementaryChildhood Education 1-6, Professional; Students with Disabilities, Professional; Literacy, ProfessionalMA-17 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023-6/30/2024
Tresansky, Lindsay, Ph.D.Director of Secondary Curriculum and InstructionNew Per BudgetDirector of Secondary Curriculum and InstructionSchool Building Leader, Professional; School Building Leader, Professional; Mathematics 7-12, ProfessionalIndividual Contract8/1/2023-7/31/2026
Vasilakis, MichelleInnovation Teacher/TOSA/SMSReappointSpeechSpeech and Hearing DisabilitiesMA-29 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023-6/30/2024
Vinson-Westbrook, CataraInnovation Teacher/TOSA/SMSReappointElementaryChildhood Education 1-6, ProfessionalMA-16 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023-6/30/2024
Weir, KieranInstructional Coach/TOSA/COReappointElementaryChildhood Education 1-6, Professional; Literacy, ProfessionalMA-18 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023-6/30/2024
Whittle, ChristineElementary Teacher -1 Year Leave Replacement / BHJessica PucilaN/AStudents with Disabilities 1-6, Professional; Literacy B-6, Professional; Childhood Education 1-6, Professional; Early Childhood Education B-2, Professional; Students with Disabilities B—2, ProfessionalMA – 5 Per NCTA Contract9/1/2023-6/30/2024

III.B. 11. At Will Employees (Hourly, Substitutes etc): 

NamePositionLocationSalaryEffective Dates
Azuola, NinaSubstitute TeacherDWPer 2022-2023 PT Wage Scale5/19/2023
Bertasso, MichaelSchool Bus Driver TraineeTransportationPer 2022-2023 PT Wage Scale5/22/2023
Bertasso, MichaelSubstitute Bus AideTransportationPer 2022-2023 PT Wage Scale5/22/2023
Blau, HollyRetired Substitute TeacherSHS/SMSPer 2023-2024 PT Wage Scale7/1/2023
Bridegroom, IanSubstitute TeacherDWPer 2022-2023 PT Wage Scale5/23/2023
Christy, MargaretTeacher Force – 5 dayBCPer 2022-2023 PT Wage Scale5/18/2023
Cole, DeborahRetired Substitute TeacherSHSPer 2023-2024 PT Wage Scale7/1/2023
Dopp, DeborahRetired Substitute NurseDWPer 2023-2024 PT Wage Scale7/1/2023
Gadani, JohnSubstitute Bus AideTransportationPer 2022-2023 PT Wage Scale6/5/2023
Irani, FarahKindergarten Teacher – ST Leave ReplacementBCPer 2022-2023 PT Wage Scale5/24/2023- 6/30/2023
Keeler, Timothy ScottSubstitute Bus AideTransportationPer 2022-2023 PT Wage Scale5/19/2023
Keeler, Timothy ScottBus Driver TraineeTransportationPer 2022-2023 PT Wage Scale6/1/2023
Langford, JordanTeacher Force – 5 dayBHPer 2022-2023 PT Wage Scale4/27/2023
Legasse, JasonTeacher Force – 5 dayLOPer 2022-2023 PT Wage 5/24/2023
Lorini, PatrickRetired Substitute TeacherBC/LRPer 2023-2024 PT Wage Scale7/1/2023
Marion, JulieRetired Substitute TeacherLOPer 2023-2024 PT Wage Scale7/1/2023
Matthews, ManojSubstitute TeacherDWPer 2022-2023 PT Wage Scale5/23/2023
Maxwell, CherrySubstitute TeacherDWPer 2022-2023 PT Wage Scale5/19/2023
Rinaldi, ChristopherTutorSHSPer 2022-2023 PT Wage Scale3/22/2023
Timoney, KathleenSubstitute Teacher DWPer 2022-2023 PT Wage Scale6/5/2023
Vantine, TaylorESY TeacherSMSPer NCTA Contract7/3/2023-8/11/2023
Zaferiou, EmilyExtra Help – SecondarySMSPer 2022-2023 PT Wage Scale5/25/2023

III.B. 14. Certified Transfers:

NamePositionFromToEffective Date
Boule, SarahElementary TeacherSGLO9/1/2023
Brandt, MelissaGerman TeacherSMS/SHS.4 SMS/.6 SMS9/1/2023
Cho-O’Grady, StellaENL TeacherSGBH9/1/2023
Connor, ChristineGerman TeacherSHS.2 SMS/.8 SHS9/1/2023
Detmer, SaraFrench/Russian TeacherSMS/SHS.2 SMS/.8 SHS9/1/2023
Estevez, AliceENL TeacherSMSFF9/1/2023
Kavana, JacquelineElementary TeacherSGLO9/1/2023
Lemme, MeghanENL TeacherFFSMS9/1/2023
Meyers, AmandaElementary TeacherSGBC9/1/2023
Shea, Kayleigh4th Grade TeacherBHBC9/1/2023
Tucci, JenniferFrench TeacherSMS.6 SMS/.4 SHS9/1/2023
Yasrebi, SepidehENL TeacherSMSSHS9/1/2023

III.B. 15. Classified Transfers:

NamePositionFromToEffective Date
Casey, JamesCustodial WorkerSMSSHS6/5/2023
Koutelis, JewelieOffice CoordinatorCO-C&ICO- Communications7/1/2023

III.B 17. Classified Unpaid Leaves:

NamePositionLocationEffective Date
Rivera, SinfanieEducational AideFF5/22/2023-6/23/2023

III.B.18. Other:  

  1. Revision to 2023-2024 PT Wage Scale (see J. Bongermino 6/7/23 memo)

Grinnell offered a motion, seconded by Alber to approve Personnel Actions as recommended by the Superintendent of Schools.

Yes: 8
No: 0
Absent: 1 

Motion Approved

Nardolillo offered a motion, seconded by Johnson to  approve the employment agreement by and between North Colonie Central School District and Lindsay M. Tresansky, Ph.D., as recommended by the Superintendent of  Schools.

Yes: 8
No: 0
Absent: 1 

Motion Approved

Johnson offered a motion seconded by Nardolillo to approve the resolution to accept a donation, as recommended by the Assistant Superintendent for Business.

Yes: 8
No: 0
Absent: 1 

Motion Approved

Alber offered a motion seconded by Pangburn to approve the bid for Cafeteria Serving Lines, as recommended by the Assistant Superintendent for Business.

Yes: 8
No: 0
Absent: 1 

Motion Approved

Johnson offered a motion seconded by Comproski to enter into and open session of the Long Range Planning Committee, as recommended by the Superintendent of Schools.

Yes: 8
No: 0
Absent: 1 

Motion Approved

Grinnell made a motion, seconded by Pangburn the return to adjourn. 

Yes: 8
No: 0
Absent: 1 

Motion Approved

The Meeting adjourned at 8:02pm.