Join Us Monday: NC Kids Care Honorees Have A Proposal for the BOE

Forts Ferry 5th graders at Forts Ferry Farm group pictureThere no better way to wrap up the 2022-23 NC Kids Care program than with “pillars of academic excellence.”

Academic Excellence is one of the three NCCSD pillars and Amy Parks’ Forts Ferry Elementary 5th grade Learning Enrichment Program class exemplify it. These engaged & empowered learners have been studying the Hudson River Watershed, runoff and permeable vs impermeable surfaces. They have a former tennis court area on the school grounds in dire need of drainage and being put to productive use. They have a plan.

Want to learn the details?

These LEP students will present their learning and a proposal to the BOE during its June 26 meeting starting at 7:15 p.m., 91 Fiddlers Lane (Goodrich building/Central Office) in the Training Room. Join us!