It’s a Wrap! Latham Ridge Trees Get “Life” from 5th-Grade Artists

The two young saplings out front of Latham Ridge Elementary may need to be replaced, but they are certainly spending their remaining days in colorful style!

student wrapping yarn around tree
Each student submitted a yard design and one final pattern was voted on.

“Back in September, it became obvious that the two saplings flanking our main entrance were not healthy and would likely need some attention,” said Martha Hacklin, LR art teacher. “With permission … and with Principal Aaron Thiell’s support, the art students in 5th grade worked on an ‘art happening’.” 

Artists had to sketch and prepare a plan before tackling the project. Each 5th grader submitted a color plan for how to arrange the yarn.  A final design was then voted on. 

Both trees are now wrapped in colorful yarn for an ephemeral public art installation. Though, similar to a sandcastle, the art is only going to last for a short time, but the impact and experience for students and all those able to take in the beauty will be lasting.

student creating art around dying treesclose up of bright yard wrapped treestudents wrapping yard around base of dying sapling