Global Citizens: SHS Model UN Club “Delivers” at GCMUN Conference

Shaker High School Model UN Club’s had a successful and noteworthy trip to New York City for the Global Citizens Model United Nations Conference (GCMUN) March 2-4.

SHS Model UN Club at UNThis year, a SHS student was selected to deliver one of the committee speeches at the UN, and five received recognition awards for their overall performance throughout the conference.

“Overall, our students had a great time on this trip, tremendous experiences and opportunities, and gained many skills and valuable insights into the inner workings of the UN,” said teacher Andrew Krakat.

Amanda Palmar was selected to deliver one of the conference committee speeches in the UN Headquarters to all 2,000-plus attendees during the closing session.

“All of our students did an excellent job participating in the conference while representing Shaker and their assigned country,” Mr. Krakat said.  “A special congratulations goes out to Eva Berglund, Sabrina Gulotty, Neil Gupta, Lydia Lin, and Amanda Palmar who received special recognition awards for their overall outstanding performance throughout the conference.” 

The conference kicked off in committee sessions, and over the course of two days, the students spent time working with students from across the globe approximating the work that members of the UN do by writing position papers from their assigned country’s point of view, forming country blocs, drafting resolutions, debating international issues, conducting research, and engaging in collaboration with their fellow student delegates.

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Some of the topics the students addressed included:

  • The Silent Threat of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) 
  • A New Era in Disease Treatment: How to Tackle the Spread of Drug Resistance
  • Improving the Coordination of Efforts to Eradicate Trafficking in Persons 
  • Securing Nuclear Plants Subject to Crises and Humanitarian Emergencies
  • Discussing Checks and Balances Between Right to Life and Patient Self-Determination

On the third and final day for the plenary session and closing ceremony, the students spent the entire day at the United Nations Headquarters, and had an opportunity to meet with and hear from Martin Luther King III (son of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.), and the Italian Ambassador to the UN Maurizio Massari.