Forts Ferry Turkey Shoot 2020

Like most things this school year, changes have been made to the Forts Ferry Turkey Shoot, which will take place during the month of November. We have considered the guidelines in place to keep everyone safe and healthy and have redesigned this special activity so that students can still participate. The details of the Forts Ferry Turkey Shoot 2020 are as follows:

In-Person Students – K-6

  • Using a basketball hoop and basketball, students will be given a chance to see how many baskets they can make out of 20 shots.
  • Students will attempt these shots during physical education class.
  • Scores will be recorded on a sheet for each student.

Remote Students – K-6 

  • Students will need to find a basketball hoop and ball to use. This can be at a park or something used at home.
  • The measurements for the height of and distance from the hoop include:
    • Kindergarten – 6 feet high, students stand 4 feet from hoop
    • First & Second Grades – 6 feet high, students stand 6 feet from hoop
    • Third Grade – 7 feet high, students stand 6 feet from hoop
    • Fourth Grade – 8 feet high, students stand 12 feet from hoop
    • Fifth & Sixth Grade – 12 feet high, students stand 15 feet from hoop
  • Students will be given a chance to see how many baskets they can make out of 20 shots.
  • Scores will be recorded via this Google Form
  • Submit the Google Form by Monday, November 23.

How will teams be formed?

  • All scores for in-person and remote students will be collected in the Forts Ferry main office.
  • The scores will be sorted by grade level (K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6).
  • Score sheets will be randomly selected from the following grade level combinations:
    • K & 6
    • 1 & 5
    • 2 & 4
    • 3 & 3
  • For example – One score sheet will be pulled from the Kindergarten box and one from the sixth grade box. The two sheets will be combined to create a team. The scores from each sheet will be added together to get a team score.


  • The three highest team scores for each group (K & 6, 1 & 5, 2 & 4 and 3 & 3) will receive a prize.
    • First Place – Highest team score
    • Second Place – Second highest team score
    • Third Place – Third highest team score
    • Prize winners will be notified the week of November 30-December 4 or sooner.

    If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Lobdell at, Coach Neri at or Coach Marsh at Good luck and have fun!