Forts Ferry FlipGrid Summer Challenge

Now that school is over, we thought it would be a great idea to continue the FlipGrid challenges for the students of Forts Ferry throughout the summer months. It is a great way to see friends and staff members being funny and silly. We will have a new theme every two weeks.  This will provide people time to think about and create their FlipGrid presentation.

Themes by Week:

  • 7/3 – 7/16 – Favorite 4th of July Activity/Event/Food
  • 7/17 – 7/30 – Hot Summer Days – What is one way you keep cool on a hot summer day?
  • 7/31 – 8/13 – Favorite Rainy Summer Day Activity
  • 8/14 – 8/27 – Lazy Summer Days – What is the laziest thing that you do during the summer?
  • 8/28 – First Day of School – What do you do to get ready to go back to school?


FlipGrid is a platform that allows short videos to be recorded and shared with others.

  1. Access FlipGrid on a device. If using your phone, you will have to download the FlipGrid app. If using a tablet or computer, go to
  2. Enter the code ffspiritweek. If you have already entered this code in a previous week, you will see that there is a “drop down” where you can switch between all of our spirit weeks.
  3. You will be prompted to login with Google. This is where your child will have to enter their North Colonie email address, ending in If you don’t know your child’s email address, please contact their classroom teacher. 
  4. After entering the email address, you should see our “Forts Ferry Spirit Week Board”.
  5. To record a video: scroll down on the screen and click the large green plus sign. This is where you will be prompted to record a short video. You will see that there are different filters, emojis, etc. to add to your video. Your video can be up to 1 minute and 30 seconds long.  After your video is recorded, you will be prompted to take a selfie, which is what will appear on the large board where all videos are posted.
  6. To respond to another video: After you watch a video posted by someone else, there will be a green circle underneath that says “reply.” This is optional, and allows you to record a response to the video you just watched. 
  7. Please submit one video per student per theme.

Privacy Concerns

Our school board has been created in a way that protects our students’ privacy. Only people with the code (Forts Ferry families) can view the videos posted. Anyone outside of our community will not be able to view the videos posted. With that in mind, if you do not feel comfortable posting your child’s video, you can:

  • choose not to participate
  • have your child draw a picture and hold the paper over their face as they record
  • use the post its or emojis built into the video to cover your child’s face 

We can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with! Be well and stay Forts Ferry Strong!