Forts Ferry Elementary Supports Ride for Missing Children

More than 100 bicyclists pedaled into the front loop of Forts Ferry Elementary school late last week as part of the Albany Ride for Missing Children. The event has a long-standing history of raising awareness of missing and exploited children, educating families on critical child safety issues, and raising money to help protect children. Forts Ferry teachers and parents (see below), along with the other riders, were welcomed with cheers and excited screams of support. 

The Ride stops at schools along the way for educational Rest Stops, and passes by other schools throughout the day. At each school the organization brings spreads awareness about child safety and abduction prevention. 

Forts Ferry Participants: Beth Cartwright, grade 3 teacher; Jackie Guba, grade 2 teacher; Dave Floyd, retired teacher; and parents Dena Delude, Kari Bennett and Maggie Guglielmi.
picture of a forts ferry teacher who rode in the Ride for Missing Children and her students
Forts Ferry Elementary Teacher Jackie Guba with her second grade class.