Elite International Engineering Organization Recognizes Shaker Senior’s Cancer Diagnosis Research

How impressive is Hridaanshu Gusain? The Shaker High School senior recently presented at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) System’s Council Conference for Collegiate Students. As a high school senior Hridaanshu was accepted to this elite conference and was the only high school student to present! Hridaanshu presented virtually at the conference which took place in Montreal and did a 25-minute presentation followed by a 10-minute Q and A.

Hridaanshu’s research focuses on the diagnosis of cancer in human tissue and reducing the time for cancer biopsy analysis. It currently takes 3-6 weeks for biopsy analysis during which time the severity of cancer can worsen. Over the past two years, Hridaanshu created a computer program which can analyze human tissue and immediately produce a prediction which can be used by a pathologist for a high accuracy diagnosis within several hours time. In 10th grade, Hridaanshu used what he learned from Linear Algebra and Calculus 3 and applied it to his knowledge of neural networks. Then, in 11th and 12th grades he integrated his knowledge into the new field of hyperspectral imaging. In just over two years, the project can now identify nuclei with about 85% accuracy. Hridaanshu has already cemented his spot for another conference next year in Greece where he will present his research.

Congratulations Hridaanshu! North Colonie Central School District is extremely proud of your work and we look forward to seeing what you do in the future. You are going to change the world!