Special Program Guidelines

Special Programs are reserved for truly special circumstances. In that
regard, we have written guidelines that will clarify when a special program
request will be considered.

  1. Medical/Psychological reasons validated by a medical doctor or
    psychologist/psychiatrist. In this category, only dropping down a level
    or dropping out of a course will be considered.
  2. Special Education and 504 students. The Shaker High School Pupil
    Services Team will discuss all changes of program and make
    recommendations via the Special Program process to Building
  3. Requests to add a course in place of a study hall or prep will be
    considered within the first two weeks of each semester.
  4. The supervisor in consultation with the counselor, teacher, and hall
    principal may initiate a request for a special program at any time.
    A student, parent or guardian should contact their respective school
    counselor to discuss a Special Program request.
    Note: As students plan their courses for the new school year they should
    contact individual supervisors to set up a conference on their prep, study
    hall or lunch time if they are not sure a particular course will meet their
    The counselor, supervisor and hall principal will meet to discuss special
    program requests and forward their input to the building principal.