Boght Hills fourth grader raises money for district food pantries

Boght Hills fourth grader Ira Upperpalli recently celebrated her 10th birthday and she wanted to make it a memorable one. Ira decided to raise money through family and friends so that she could give back during this difficult time.

Ira decided to give her mom and her mom’s friends manicures and pedicures to help raise the money.

“With their support I was able to raise this amount,” Ira said. “My mom’s friends were kind enough and they gave me tips for the hard work I am putting in.”

After speaking with her principal, Mr. Marcus Puccioni, to find an organization in need, Ira decided to donate her $180 to the junior high and high school food pantries.

“During the process I have learned and realized that earning a penny is not so easy. It takes a lot of hard work, patience and interest as well.”

Thank you Ira, for giving back to our school community!