Blue Creek receives NYSAHPERD grant for snowshoes

Snowshoes in the school hallwayBlue Creek recently received a $700 grant for snowshoes from the New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (NYSAHPERD). PE teacher Rebecca Kohn was instrumental in writing the grant and teaching our students how to use the snowshoes.

The grant was a result of the school’s shared decision making team exploring recreational activities for our students that are compatible with COVID-19 restrictions. When snowshoeing was brought to the table, the team thought it was a unique activity to explore.

The team wanted students to try a new sport that promotes healthy habits and life-long physical fitness. Giving students an opportunity to try different types of activities at school is more important than ever. Teaching students how to have fun outside in the winter is essential for both their physical health and their emotional wellbeing.

Thanks to NYSAHPERD and a generous discount from L.L.Bean, the school purchased 30 sets of snowshoes for students to learn to use in physical education classes!

Third grade students wearing snowshoes