Blue Creek fifth graders lend a helping hand to kindergarteners

Twenty students standing on risers with their teacher next to themTwenty Blue Creek students chosen as Kids Care recipients for January

On Monday, Jan. 27, 20 Blue Creek fifth graders from Mrs. Poskanzer’s class were honored at the Board of Education meeting for their regular assistance with kindergarten students during lunch time.

“It can be pretty crazy in the cafeteria and a lot of the time the kindergarten students need some help,” Blue Creek Principal Annette Trapini said. “So, I decided to enlist the help of some of our fifth grade students who have been instrumental in making the younger students feel safe, cared for and loved.”

Not only do the fifth grade students sit and talk with the younger students, but they also circulate the cafeteria to help the kindergarteners wash their hands, open milk and other packages and get them anything they forgot like napkins or utensils. 

A special thank you to the following fifth grade students who were recognized:

  • Alexis Alfred
  • Emma Brammer
  • Alessio Clermont
  • Kayra Eitenne-Maitre
  • Ayden Ferrucci
  • Sophie Freed
  • Ryan Gardner
  • Sophie Gatzen
  • Rebecca Hunter
  • Gracie Kelly-Salisbury
  • Lillianna Loiselle
  • Levi Lupumpala
  • Finley Martinovich
  • Tierney Morehouse
  • Trinity Pitts
  • Shanece Raggs
  • Taylor Davis
  • Kenna Rolston
  • Caroline Stark
  • Reilly VanLoan