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Our Mission

The primary purpose of the K-12 Mathematics program in the North Colonie CSD is to enable all students to acquire the mathematical skills, understandings and attitudes that they need to be successful in their future careers and daily lives.


Students will:

  • Become mathematical problem solvers
  • Learn to communicate mathematically
  • Learn to reason mathematically
  • Learn to value mathematics
  • Become confident in their own ability

The achievement of the Mission Statement and goals requires a synergy between math content, instructional delivery and assessment.  This can be accomplished through the following secondary goals of the Mathematics program:

Learning Environment Goals 

  • All students’ mathematical learning will embody the concepts that engagement in mathematics is essential, and that decision-making, risk-taking, cooperative work, perseverance, self-assessment, and self-confidence are frequently keys to success; and
  • All students will be evaluated using a diversity of assessment tools and strategies to provide multiple indicators of the quality of every child’s mathematical learning and of overall program effectiveness.

Equity & Excellence Goals

  • Providing opportunities to reason and communicate;
  • Addressing challenges and strengths students bring with them;
  • Aiming to meet the needs of students with diverse experiences and interests, including those who are especially inclined toward continued study of mathematics;
  • Insuring that students who need the most assistance in mathematics have access to an excellent mathematics instructional program that provides solid support for their learning and is responsive to their prior knowledge, intellectual strengths, and personal interests; and
  • Anticipating and responding to the changing needs of an increasingly technological and quantitative world.

Instructional Goals

  • Equity and excellence;
  • The development of mathematical content through mathematical processes;
  • Meaningful activity and discourse;
  • Developmentally appropriate tasks; and
  • The application of technology.

Curricular Goals

  • Provide explicit and extensive curricular guidelines and instructional support for teachers;
  • Provide a vehicle for focused, sustained efforts toward the continuous improvement of students’ mathematical education in school;
  • Identify the mathematical content and processes students should know and be able to use as they progress through school;
  • Identify mathematical materials and programs that will provide all students with high-quality mathematics experiences within and across the grades; and
  • Provide a resource that identifies the range of mathematics addressed, guides decisions regarding strategies and materials, and offers appropriate meaningful forms of assessment.

Elementary Level Curriculum Overview

In Grades K-5, students are instructed on The NYS Next Generation Standards focusing on the development of number sense and procedural fluency. In the primary grades, students participate in a hands-on approach to learning mathematics. Manipulatives are used to teach concepts and foundational skills. We use the Go Math series as our main elementary text program and a variety of technological resources to help support the implementation of the eight Standards of Mathematical Practice. Additionally, families have access to the ThinkCentral website, which includes electronic copies of the student book and assignments as well as instructional videos. Parents who are not certain how to access this website should contact their child’s teacher. The multitude of resources assist with differentiation and student engagement, leading to deeper understanding and greater levels of mastery.

NYS Next Generation Mathematics Learning Standards

Math at Shaker Middle School

The Shaker Middle School math curriculum is based on the New York State Mathematics Standards that have been aligned with the Next Generation Learning Standards. The Next Generation Learning Standards provide a consistent and clear understanding of what students are expected to learn. The standards are robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills needed for success in college and careers.

  • Grade 6: Ratios and proportional reasoning; early expressions and equations.
  • Grade 7: Ratios and proportional reasoning; arithmetic of rational numbers.
  • Grade 8: Linear algebra

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Math at Shaker High School

The Shaker High School Mathematics program offers a variety of pathways and sequences aimed to challenge students’ within their capabilities. We strive to build a strong mathematical foundation for students so they are well prepared for the workplace, for college, or for any future path they may pursue. Teachers work closely with all students to build good math communication skills, to foster sound reasoning and problem solving strategies, and to build confidence in math. For high school math, the Regents exams are Common Core Algebra, Common Core Geometry, and Algebra II. Academic Intervention Services (AIS) are available to support students who experience difficulty in meeting graduation requirements. Graduation and diploma requirements are explained in the SHS course catalog.  

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