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In an increasingly interdependent world, knowledge of world languages and cultures is a vital part of the preparation for a student’s role in the world community.

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Art at the Elementary Level

The primary goal of the NCCS elementary art program is to assist students in developing an appreciation for and an understanding of the various art disciplines, and to explore the art forms as an opportunity for personal expression. Students will be introduced to a variety of hands-on activities and experiences that develop perceptual, creative, and motor skills.

Art class also provides a time for problem solving and exploration with a wide range of art materials and tools, including digital media. Students will be introduced to the artwork of the great masters and many cultures. Often, projects are integrated with grade level curricula. Caring for classroom supplies, respecting the work of others, achieving independence, and learning to communicate through art are stressed.

Elementary Art Instruction is provided for each child beginning in Kindergarten with 60 minutes of instruction provided at each grade within the 6 day rotation cycle.

Art at SMS

The primary goal of the art program in the middle school is for students in Grades 7 and 8 to continue developing an appreciation of art while understanding of various art disciplines. We also encourage them to explore the art forms as an opportunity for personal expression.

Instruction builds on the foundation of the art curriculum in the elementary level and prepares students for high school study in art. Two and three-dimensional concepts are taught as they relate to the elements and principles of art and design. Students will solve a variety of problems involving sculpture, drawing, printmaking, ceramics and computer generated art. Art appreciation and history, as well as art criticism is part of the JHS Art curriculum. Art homework and sketchbook assignments will further enhance the program. Art is provided on an everyday basis for a 10-week period.

Accelerated Studio Art

Studio Art, a high school level course, is an introduction to a variety of art disciplines. Although  2-dimensional design is a major focus, painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, advertising and digital media are integral parts of the curriculum. Art history, appreciation, and art criticism round out the program. Studio Art is required of all students planning a 5 unit high school art sequence, and it meets the art requirement for graduation. Homework and sketchbook assignments are required. Taken in eighth grade, admission for this option is based on teacher evaluation of a student’s performance in grade 7 Art using a defined set of criteria, as well as permission of the department supervisor. An art sequence commitment is expected for high school, beginning with Drawing & Painting in grade 9. Since this course earns a high school credit, the attendance policy in effect at the high school applies to this course. Enrollment in Accelerated Studio results in scheduling limitations for other content electives, accelerated options, and study hall. We encourage students and parents discuss any concerns about scheduling with their guidance counselor.

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Art at SHS

The art program at Shaker High School continues the goal of assisting students to develop their appreciation for and understanding of the various art disciplines and the contributions of art in our society. The course offerings include a wide range of exciting full year and half year courses, many of which can be taken a second time on an advanced level if a student scores an 85 or higher. The department is proud to offer rich courses that are aligned within distinct strands of study: 2-dimensional design, 3-dimensional design, digital media arts and art history.

The recommended foundation level course is Studio Art, in which students develop their skills in a variety of media and hands-on applications, as well as learn art history, art criticism, and strategies for personal expression. A number of advanced level art courses may be taken for college level credit, and field trips to metropolitan museums and galleries of art are part of the advanced level courses.

Annually, students in the art program have opportunities to exhibit their work in a variety of locations, and participate in career oriented applications through relevant project work.  Shaker High School Art students annually are highly successful in regional juried competitions and film and media arts festivals.

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